Ringtonator Std. v1.5.2 - 99990


      Ringtonator Studio allows you to open and edit Quicktime clips, then export them into iTunes's ringtone format. It works by using QTKit to edit/export the m4a format, and then AtomicParsely to edit the exported song's metatags so that iTunes recognizes it as a ringtone. It also utilizes the open-source Cocoa add-on SMDoubleSlider. Now supports Mp3's.
      Current version only works with iTunes 7.4.1. To use: check 'edit manually' if you wish to crop your ringtone. Drag mp3 from Finder into the Ringtonator. This version only allows for 1 song to be edited at a time (no multiple-file drags for now, doing so will result in only the first file being edited). Edit the opened song to your desire, if you mess up, CMD-R reverts to saved state, while CMD-W closes the song (not the app!). Once you finish, press Ringtonate. The song will automatically be added to your iTunes library.

*Fixed in v1.5.2: Bug that occasionally opened the wrong file in iTunes.