SmartTime - Organize Your Life
Left Coast Logic
Version: 1.0.0

"The more original a discovery, the more obvious it seems afterward."

SmartTime increases productivity while making life easier and a lot more fun. It does so by combining the best of both worlds: tasks and calendars. SmartTime uses patented logic to organize tasks and calendar appointments into a simple day view. Have two appointments and a two-hour gap in-between? SmartTime suggests how to fill the time. Need to make changes on the fly? Move items with your fingertip and watch SmartTime re-organize everything else.

SmartTime is available for Free for a short introductory period.

To learn more about the most innovative productivity app ever, go to our web site where you will find an active user Forum, a really cool Interactive Guide filled with video clips (works on your iPhone as well!), and a Blog that talks about our philosophy.

Quick Tips and Tricks:

**Everything in 12 seconds:

Click our web site link to check out our 12-second video.

** One-Tap Task:

Did you know you can create a new task in only one tap? Just tap the "+" button from any screen, and enter a word in the Title. That's it. Done. Our default settings do the rest. You can always come back later to fine-tune things.

**No Keyboard Needed:
You can even create a task without using the Keyboard! Tap the "+" button, then in the Title area, tap the ">" button. It takes you to our "tap only" What/Who/Where screen. Touch an action icon to insert an action such as "Meet." Then touch "Who" and you can select one of your friends from your Contact list. Could it be any simpler?

**Prefer to keep everything in a Calendar? Easy!

Some people like to 'fix' their tasks to specific times of the day. This has never been easier. Just select our Calendar view and you can move all of your tasks around to specific time slots. Wow, that was easy!