Version: 1.0
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Description: GO

UpLoc is a location management tool that makes remembering places a breeze! You can record your location from your iPhone, and it will be uploaded to an online database, where it can be viewed (with the correct login credentials) from any browser in the world simply by going to uploc.com! You can even add locations from your browser, and they will be added to your phone on your next sync.

Great for:
- Finding places online, and sending them to your phone
- Looking up that elusive restaurant you ate at so long ago
- Finding your kids when they're at their friends' house
- Leaving behind digital 'breadcrumbs' that can be seen on the web

- Add, edit, and remove locations through your iPhone, or through the web interface at uploc.com
- Search your locations on your iPhone to quickly find the place you're looking for
- Integration with Google Maps lets you open any location in the Maps application
- Locations can be viewed offline
- All locations include a title and description of your choosing
- UpLoc.com account lets you store up to 100 locations for free!