Afloat On The Flood, by Lawrence J. Leslie
Your Mobile Apps Inc.
Version: 1.0 (iPhone OS

Afloat On The Flood
by Lawrence J. Leslie

"What's the latest weather report down at the post office, Max?"
"More rain coming, they say, and everybody is as gloomy as a funeral."
"My stars! the poor old town of Carson is getting a heavy dose this spring, for a fact; nothing but rain, rain, and then some more rain."
"Never was anything to beat it, Bandy-legs, and they say even the oldest inhabitant can't remember when the Evergreen River was at a higher stage than it is right now."


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* Reading Anywhere - No internet needed
* Easy Navigation - Well organized chapters
* Customizable Reading Experience - Adjustable fonts, size, text and background colors
* Night Mode - For reading in dimly lit environments
* Bookmarks - Bookmark your favorites chapters and reading progress
* Restore Last View - When re-launched, you're returned to the exact location you were last at while reading

More and more features will be added into future updates.