Version: 1.0
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PuzzlePics brings a modern spin to the classic slide-puzzle game. Slide an adjacent piece into the empty spot, and try to rearrange the pieces until you can view the image correctly. With 20 pieces, the game is challenging, but surprisingly addicting.

- Auto save feature allows you to close your current game, and then open it again later without losing any progress
- Once you've ordered all the pieces correctly, a dialog box will pop up confirming your win, and will tell you how many turns it took you to complete the puzzle. The game will then re-randomize itself and restart
- You can use any picture from your Photos library for the puzzle! Just tap the 'Pictures...' button, and you will be able to choose what image you'd like to play with. A default image is bundled with the package as well
- Restart button allows you to quickly and easily reset and restart the app