icon $0.99Nice Photo
Lajos Kamocsay
Instant gratification photo love notes! Just pick your favorite message, line up your subject, click... and, voila! Instant photo love note! Features: * Easy to use, just point and click * Doz
icon $0.99FNDMobile (film is not dead)
Store in one place, and take always with you, all your knowledge and experience about film development, completed with times, dilutions, and temperatures. Contains 17 films and 296 development times.
icon $1.99Hidden Cam
Jim Young
Hidden Cam lets you take pictures without anyone else knowing. The viewfinder is hidden on a screen that looks like a regular dialpad. Just tap the "Call" button to snap a photo to the camera roll.
icon FreeJuxtaposer Lite
Hendrik Kueck
Juxtaposer Lite lets you easily combine any two images into fun and creative photomontages. Put your friend's head on a statue's body, remix your pets into a mythical creature, or magically join you
icon $1.99Mobile Fotos
** Happy New Year! Mobile Fotos is on sale at 33% off for a few more days! ** Mobile Fotos lets you browse and upload to Flickr, including finding photos taken near your current location, and geotagg
icon $1.99National Flag
Beijing Motech Technology Co.,Ltd.
Do you know each country's national flag? In some situations, maybe you need to know it's country name or other brief information. National Flag list national flag of most countries. And also, it off
icon $0.99SP Photo Fix
Photo Retouching While you're on the go, you need to send a photo from your iPhone, but it's not good enough (brightness, contrast, sharpness, hue, saturation). Now, you can fix your photo before s
icon $2.99Camera Art
Camera Art is inspired by "Camera Toss", the technique to purposely take a long exposure photo with the camera moving, for some interesting light-show style photos. The Camera Art make it extremely e
icon $0.99Night Camera
------------------- Happy holidays! We took some photos with Night Camera around Union Square in San Francisco at night - the Santa in Macy glass window, street corners and of course, our favorite App
icon FreePhanfare Photon
Phanfare Photon: photo and video sharing worthy of your iPhone The Phanfare Photon app puts your whole photo and video collection in the palm of your hand. Photos and videos that you upload, from bot
icon $0.99Touch Up
1.2 Enhancements and Features: - added 'watercolor effect' Now you can apply many kinds of picture effects on your picture in a sec. Current version of the application has 6 major effects. Includin
icon $1.99Toy Camera
Takayuki Fukatsu
This simple application changes your iphone's camera to the fun toycamera. You do not need any difficult setting or photo editing knowledge. Actually this app has any setting panel. All you need is
icon $0.99BullCam; A Bullet Camera
Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc.
Leave Your Dramatic Moments! BullCam will realize bullet time camera on your iPhone. -Take pictures Simply press shutter bottom at the bottom left, and your camera take picture repeatedly. To save th
icon $2.99iSlate
iSlate is an easy to use portable digital clapper board that can help video enthusiasts add a touch of hollywood magic to their videos. Possible uses include video blogs, online video postings, and va
icon FreeMean Photo Lite
Lajos Kamocsay
Instant gratification photo insult! "Farts are temporary, images last forever..." Just pick an insult, line up your subject and click... Please also check out my mean brother, "Mean Photo (full ver

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