icon FreeMeetMe
Stylem Media
Meet people in your local neighborhood or City with MeetMe. - Search for people in your Area - Send private messages - make new friends User Feedback from G1 / Google Phone users: "Omg! love this ap
icon $0.99snOwned
Unified Game
Snowfiiiiiight!!! Join the revolution and become part of the global network of snOwners, engaging in a multiuser, online snowball fight! The first snowfight app is here! With snOwned, you can select
icon $1.99TouchBase
Aesthetic Systems Inc.
Stay in touch with people of your choice, regularly but on a random date with your chosen frequency. Purpose Follow up with clients, patients, customers or other business personals. Touch base with
icon FreeiBear Polls
On January 7, 2009 we celebrated 100,000 users of our iBear apps! ************************************************************ iBearPolls lets you exchange opinions on a wide variety of questions
icon $4.99LimeChat - IRC Client
Satoshi Nakagawa
LimeChat for iPhone is an IRC client for your iPhone and iPod Touch. It allows you to chat on the go in the same way as you do on desktop. The good points of this application are: - Multiple servers
icon $0.99MetU
The Ultimate Dating Machine !!! This tool can help you to find someone you've seen somewhen somewhere... You just have to provide the time and location of the last encounter and a short desciption o
icon $2.99Black Book
Vurgood Apps
Vurgood Apps, the creator's of iWrecked, has revolutionized the little black book. Black Book is the hottest way to quickly enter and store the contact information and private photos for anyone you me
icon FreeBeer Bike
Allen Geer
This application provides students a countdown to the time until Beer Bike. Beer Bike is a very popular event held at Rice University every spring. Students and Alumni alike, often look forward to ev
icon FreeFaceDouble Celebrity Look alike Lite
FaceDouble, Inc.
Find out what celebrity you look like. Facial matching will compare your face to thousands of today's top celebrities. LITE version does not allow matching from camera; you must choose a photo fro
icon $0.99PushToTalk
David Fletcher
PushToTalk - Connect with your friends and family any time, anywhere with the convenience of Push To Talk style communication. -------NEW IN 1.1----------- - Upload activity indicators. - Invite frie
icon FreeFoneSonar
Extreme Networks
Keep in touch with your friends with FoneSonar! Each Ping contains information about your location and what you’re up to. Share this info with your friends through your own FoneSonar page or you
icon FreeMe2
Me2 enables quick and easy contact cloning between iPhones using sound and the iPhone's external speaker and microphone. Me2 does not require Wifi, third party websites with cumbersome logins or Inter
icon $0.99Team GPS
K Solution LLC
Team GPS – keep up with the team! TeamGPS is a GPS network that allows you to share location and exchange instant message with your friends on the go. You can join or create a team instantly withou
icon FreeIRChon: Chat with other users
Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc.
IRChon is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client which can be used by the iPhone free of charge. This application is capable of recognizing URLs written within text and displaying site previews via the i
icon $1.99Nambu
The Nambu Network, Inc.
Nambu is a full-featured Twitter,, and FriendFeed client all rolled into one. It looks good, performs well, and seamlessly integrates these services for either your iPhone or iPod T

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