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Halo3X: An OS X Halo 3 Stats Viewer

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007
Not really relevant, but here’s a program I wrote a little while ago. Just some minor things, nothing to do with the announcement from the other day. Anyways, here it is…

Halo3X: An OS X Halo 3 Stats Viewer.


Written in pure Objective-C, this app pulls gamer data and pictures from’s website a presents it in a user friendly manner. It would be pretty easy to take this app and port it to the iPhone.

Note that this app is open-source, and source can be found here.

Edit (11/28). Updated the app, made the gamertag field a bit bigger so it can fit longer gamertags, added a new icon (thanks Wayward Spleen), and made pressing enter equivalent to pushing the look up button.

Happy Thanksgiving!

-Joe, Site Admin.

Something is Coming, Just Hang On…

Monday, November 19th, 2007
No, this blog (and the site) is not dead, I just ran out of time/interest/resources to fuel them. Give me a few days (Thanksgiving break ftw) and I promise I’ll have something cool. It takes a while to adapt from high-level languages back down to C, but I’m getting close. This project is also more hardware based, which to me is just as fun (but more expensive) as software, I don’t know which one I’d rather end up doing.

BTW I’m looking for a GUI-dev to write a brief front-end. If you’re interested, email me ([email protected]). My computer still won’t compile Cocoa/ObjC code for the iPhone, only C and C++. And by brief, I mean brief. Like loading and displaying an image brief.

Later this week