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UpLoc makes it to the app store!

Monday, August 25th, 2008
uplocicon UpLoc, the app I’ve been working on for a month or so, has finally made it into the iTunes app store. It’s a web service that lets you save locations from the web or your iPhone. Your iPhone then syncs with your account - there are a billion uses for this: sending a location to your friend, saving a location that you might not remember, saving a location on your phone so a family member can access it on the web site, and so on.

It’s $8.99 for the app, and the web service is free, so get on over there and register! It’s a really nice interface, I promise :).


Site Redesigned

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008
You might have noticed the clean new site design we put up in this past month. It’s got a nice, simple interface, as well as a section for our own apps, all written completely from scratch. We’re also working adding a forums/app commentary system.

We maintain a complete iTunes app store repository, which is a great service - you aren’t tied to iTunes to browse the app store any more! There is a mobile version of the site over at

Any feedback, comments, complaints on the new system would be great.

BTW we got a few more apps up - whois, PuzzlePics, and WuziChess. Try em out and let us now how it goes.

First iPhonexe app added to the App Store!

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008
About a week ago, my first app, iCounter, was finally added to the app store! It’s a simple little program that lets you count things, like those old-school dial-based clicking counters. It’s got a couple cool features, like left-handed mode and that neat looking clicking dial.

This is the first app of (hopefully) many. I’ve already submitted 2 more apps, which are both currently ‘In Review’. Shouldn’t be more than a week or so!

I can say this: the iTMS will get your app all the publicity you need. I missed iCounter’s launch, but it’s still selling around 40 copies a day, at least. My first weekly report comes out tonight, cross your fingers!