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Technical Difficulties

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008
As many of you may have noticed, the site has not been updating. This is due in part to a problem with our web host as well as Hurricane Ike. We should have things up and running within the next week or so.

Thank you.

Update: I’ve gone ahead and manually updated the site for tonight. I will be periodically doing this until we get things running smoothly again, so updates will not be as regular as usual. Thanks again.

InsertTabs: A Tabs in Textarea Bookmarklet

Friday, September 12th, 2008
While building the site, I often made quick changes to the code in NetFTP, which let met edit code through my browser. However, tabs were always a problem - the browser would try to tab to the next text field instead of insert a \t character.
I looked at the solutions available - sure there’s tabinta, a Firefox extension made for doing just this - but I use Safari a lot, and on some pages I’d like to be able to tab through and not get stuck in a textarea - I want control over which pages override the default tab action.

Grab the bookmarklet after the jump.