SlayerStats Brings Halo 3 Stats to iTMS

A week ago I ported Halo3X to the iPhone (it was pretty easy, I just had to swap out the interface really), and uploaded it to the app store for $0.99/download. Now you can finally view Halo 3 Stats on your iPhone! Probably the most useful feature (one that would probably go unnoticed) is that the app caches the last gamertag - so you can close the app and reopen it.

You can view more details/download the app here.

Screenshot after the break.

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5 Responses to “SlayerStats Brings Halo 3 Stats to iTMS”

  1. Jedi Says:

    You will need to switch it to a free app… it’s against MS’s Terms of use to charge.

  2. Grumpy Jedi Says:

    Having a dedicated app for this would be cool, but works wonderfully.

  3. Adam Says:

    Doesn’t show very many stats… also my picture doesnt’ show up. Ideas why?

  4. admin Says:

    Adam, what’s your gamertag? (You can email me at joe at

  5. iPhone downloads Says:

    iPhone downloads…

    Thanks for sharing the information. :)…

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