Who wants an iFlash?

I’ve gotten at least 20 requests from people who were looking to buy an iFlash. The only way I could distribute these is if I got at least 30 orders in right now, since the only way to get the components cheap is to buy in bulk. That would leave me with a price between $18 - $20, shipped. Again, this is just to see if anyone’s interested, I don’t have any guarantees that I will sell these.

So, anyone interested? Let me know, leave me a comment. I’ll be happy to communicate with vendors/wholesalers.


29 Responses to “Who wants an iFlash?”

  1. I am interested Says:

    I am interested in orering the iflash, but woudl like to know more about it

  2. I am interested Says:

    I am interested

  3. Manny Says:

    I am very interested in the iFlash. I would even be willing to pay between 25-30$ for one in case you cannot minimize your costs through bulk orders. Hence, I would highly appreciate if you can get back to me on this one. Thank you very much and I hope you know that you are a genius ;)

  4. robert Says:

    get in touch with me and i’ll place a order for the given price.

  5. Pete Says:

    I’ll take one too!

  6. JoeP. Says:

    I’d love to have one, please include me. thank you.

  7. jeff Says:

    I am interested as well

  8. Gustavo Says:

    Do you ship it abroad?

  9. J Hynds Says:

    I’m interested

  10. Mitchell Says:

    I would buy one now for $20-30

  11. matt Says:

    are you still shipping these? I would be interested in one.

  12. Paul Says:

    I would buy one without a doubt!

  13. Amaan Says:

    Yeah dude. Its totally awesome,plus cause of the resistor u say it wont hurt the phone…ILL TAKE IT!!! Spectacular make my man!!

  14. Paul Says:

    I’m interested in buying one for around $20. Get back to me please.

  15. me Says:

    I would love one. I’ll even send the components if necessary.

  16. Spencer Says:

    I would buy at least 3. I’m not kidding. Please make them!

  17. Paul Sumner Says:

    Hey Joe, I bought some stuff to build my own and 4 more for now. Can I sell them on ebay? Would you want some of the profit, seeing as how you came up with the idea?

  18. admin Says:

    Paul: That’s fine. I put the plans out for free, you can do whatever you want :). It’s not a complex design or anything.

    Now if you could make it flash whenever the camera shutter clicked, that’d be impressive.

    But yeah go ahead

  19. Harry Says:

    Oh yeah. I’d by one for me and if I like, my employees (7).

  20. M. F. Ruckus Says:

    I would be interested as well.

  21. X.Corteggiani Says:

    I’m interrested in buying one of those.

  22. Jeff Fitz Says:

    Did you ever produce these? I will pay $25-$30 for one.

  23. carnell Says:

    Hi I am interested in buying a iflash for my phone, Ill pay 30$

  24. brendan Says:

    Are you still selling these????

  25. brendan Says:

    Are you still selling theses??

  26. dude Says:

    I’m going to make my own with a button that switches on and off instead, so I can leave it on and record video in low light settings

  27. chris Says:

    any still for sale?

  28. LauraEL05 Says:

    I would be interested in this if you could make it so the flash hangs from a cord and the dock connector end that goes into the phone just supplies power, for your average person this makes very little sense but for someone with a background in photography it is called off camera flash and it’s the best thing in the world if you need flash and hate red eye among other common photo problems associated with direct flash, I WOULD EVEN PAY A BIT EXTRA IF YOU COULD MAKE SUCH A THING

    yeah i know silly thing to ask for something that is intended for a camera-phone, but hey if you can do it then why not we photo people are strange folk and even for our point and shoots and camera phones will look for things that allow us to use these things more as photographers and less as fun toys

    i know very little about electronics but it would seem the simplest way would be to somehow splice the flash end to a cable with just a regular dock connector at the other end (a male/male cable if it were not for the other connector being hacked to be a flash)

    that being said this is the coolest/most inexpensive solution to an iphone camera flash and if what i said could only be accomplished if hell froze over i would still pay $20+shipping for the original design

  29. lou f Says:

    Count me in

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