Site Redesigned

You might have noticed the clean new site design we put up in this past month. It’s got a nice, simple interface, as well as a section for our own apps, all written completely from scratch. We’re also working adding a forums/app commentary system.

We maintain a complete iTunes app store repository, which is a great service - you aren’t tied to iTunes to browse the app store any more! There is a mobile version of the site over at

Any feedback, comments, complaints on the new system would be great.


BTW we got a few more apps up - whois, PuzzlePics, and WuziChess. Try em out and let us now how it goes.

4 Responses to “Site Redesigned”

  1. buyer Says:

    I bought your whois app and I just have to say, it’s brilliant. Thank’s for a simple and awesome way to check name servers

    Wow, your site lists all apps on the store? That’s a couple thousand at least, congrats

  2. J Says:

    I think you should do what hasn’t, which is divide the apps into further subcategories. For example, there are a number of musical instrument tuners in the music section…OmniTuner, TyroTuner, Stay-in-tune, GuitarToolkit, etc. These would best be in their own subcategory, so users can see all that is available before making their choice.

    For games, you could make subsections like “Memory Games”, which would include Garf, RubyRepeat, Lumina, etc.

    I think users would find this useful.

  3. djchuang Says:

    Thrilled to find your website! I like browsing for apps here much more than the iTunes UI. Great work!

  4. admin Says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback! We do our best to make it easier to use than browsing iTunes (of course, that’s not too hard… :P )

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